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During this high speed rescue, watch as a rogue outsider seals rushes in to try and sabotage the rescue of a fellow seal at Pelican Point, Namibia.

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Naude and the OCN team are doing multiple seal rescues at Cape Cross. It is high season for seal entanglements and they have to be quick. Naude grabs this seal by hand, but he needs Denzil's help to remove the entanglement. Last year's seal pups are too big now for only one rescuer and they rather play it safe. They remove a very thin fishing line from the seal's flesh. The animal does not flinch one bit as if he is playing dead. He moves a few steps, checks out the situation around him, and eventually moves on. Maybe he is upset that he was deemed small enough to be rescued without the net?

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Corona cutting on the Hereford when we were at the Erin Cow Horse working cattle Clinic March 26, 2022.

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corona just holding the cattle in a group and applying a little pressure on the Hereford.

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We were at a cattle sorting clinic and our horse Corona was just cutting like mad, but then we need her to calm down and walk quietly and she did. we just decided to brag about her a bit by posting this video.

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Barca K-9 solutions

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Welcome to our live hummingbird feeder cam! Below you can learn more about bird feeding and the birds you may see on this live cam.

😊My name is Carole and I have been consistently feeding hummingbirds for 9 years here at my home in Studio City, California, USA.

🌎I am on a quest to photograph every single hummingbird species on the planet! There are over 350 types and I currently have photographed about 195 of them. Come with me virtually as I explore Central and South America to find the most beautiful hummingbirds in the world. A new video will be here every Sunday:

🧡Would you like to help us feed the hummingbirds and keep up streaming?
Any donation will help! Thank you!
*the username is allowed without spaces like "LoveBirds" not like "Love Birds".

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LBP (Last Bird Prediction):

❓What species of hummingbirds can you see on this live bird cam?
Year-round, daily visitors: Anna's, Allen's
Summer only: Black-chinned
Spring and Fall Migration: Rufous
Rare: Costa's, Calliope

A lot of Anna’s hummingbirds that stay with me in the winter will migrate further north when it gets warmer. But then some Black-chinned hummers will start migrating from Mexico to take their place. During migration you might see a Rufous or two, but they often look just like the Allen’s. There are a few Costa’s that hang out here, and I saw a Calliope once!

❓When do you fill the bird feeders?
The bird feeders get filled two to three times per day depending on the season. Winter is the busiest.

❓Where can I buy the exact same feeders, swings or ant moats?
🔹Swings: and
🔸Ant moats:
🔹Ant guard:

❓Where can I buy hummingbird nesting material?
🔹 Hummingbird nesting material:

❓Are there hummingbird nests too?
I have never found a nest on the deck, but the males are starting to display now, so there will likely be nests in the area.

❓How do you feed the hummingbirds?
I make a sugar solution of one cup pure cane sugar to four cups of water. That contains sucrose in about the same amount that the hummingbirds will find naturally in flowers.

❓What camera is being used here?
Axis P-1447 LE Network Camera

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📌Chat commands:
!feeders, !swings, !antmoats, !rules, !nectarmix, !newvideo, !weather, !weatherfor City Name, !hummingbirds, !videos, !cf

Commands for hummingbirds identification:
!femaleallens | !maleallens | !femaleannas | !maleannas | !femaleblackchinned | !maleblackchinned | !femalecostas | !malecostas | !malerufous | !malecalliope

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Welcome to the LIVE bird feeder camera located in my backyard!

My name is Scott and I live in northeast Ohio in a residential neighborhood near the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. This live bird cam provides a great opportunity to observe wildlife up close and to learn common bird species of the eastern United States.

Take this quiz to see how many of the most common backyard birds seen here you can identify correctly! There are 15 questions.

Do you want to support my channel? If so, you can either buy a Youtube Super Chat or support via PayPal here - While never expected, this is greatly appreciated! :)

You can expect to see a huge variety of birds, including Northern Cardinal, Blue Jay, American Goldfinch, Mourning Dove, Black-capped Chickadee, White-breasted Nuthatch, 3 species of woodpecker (Downy, Hairy, Red-bellied), Tufted Titmouse, Common Grackle, House Sparrow, European Starling, and an American Crow fitting as many peanuts as possible into their mouth.

It's also common to witness our resident Eastern Grey Squirrels make a giant leap of faith from the trees to the feeding station.

If there are no birds during the day, it may mean that a hawk is nearby. We have three species that hunt the feeder birds - Red-shouldered Hawk, Cooper's Hawk, and Sharp-shinned Hawk.

WATCH MY OTHER WILDLIFE CAM, which is located BELOW this one on the ground:

VIEW THE BIRD FEEDERS THAT I'M CURRENTLY USING. All of my favorite feeders are listed on this page:

LEARN MORE ABOUT MY FEEDING STATION, including the camera that I use for streaming, please view this link:

"Have a great day filled with smiles and kind people" - R.I.P. Bree

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Live Feed of Wild Bald Eagle Nest in Miami-Dade County, Florida

Rita the female has a silver federal band on her right leg, and a green over black band on her left leg. Ron the male has no bands. Rita is larger than Ron. They live in the wild.
This EagleCam is made possible by a partnership between Wildlife Rescue of Date County and ZooMiami, with the generous support of the Ron Magill Conservation Endowment and your donations to both organizations. ZooMiami hosts the cameras on the Zoo page,

Why was the nest constructed?
The pair's previous nest was built in an unstable spot about 95 ft. up in an Australian (Casuarina) pine tree, and the nest collapsed in spring 2021 after a period of heavy storms, dropping two baby eagles on the ground. On March 13, 2021, Ron Magill of ZooMiami and Lloyd Brown from Wildlife Rescue of Dade County rescued one of the baby eagles. Sadly, one eaglet did not survive the fall. The surviving eaglet sustained a broken wing, had surgery, was rehabilitated at Wildlife Rescue of Dade County, and released on August 21, 2021 near Everglades National Park. Brown and Magill obtained permission from US Fish and Wildlife (USFWS) to install the secure platform for these eagles, out of concern that the eagle pair would try to rebuild the old nest, only to have it fail again.

How was the nest constructed?
The USFWS granted approval for the installation of the platform and cameras. The nest base is a 5 ft. diameter wooden Papasan chair, shown to be successful in other eagle nests. It was lined with plastic mesh for airflow and drainage. Small sticks and dried grasses were added to make it more inviting. The constructed nest is located in the same tree, in a more stable spot, about 10 ft. below their previous broken nest. It is braced with 2x4s between the trunk and a few sturdy branches.

Where is the nest located?
The location is being kept private for the protection of the eagles. It is located in Miami-Dade County, and is the first nest to be monitored with cameras in the county. We kindly ask that the local community refrain from giving any location information on social media, so as to protect them and the nest area.

What kind of cameras were installed?
Two state of the art, high-definition cameras but at this time only one is available to view by the public.

Will there be sound?
There was a very small window of time between nesting seasons for work to be done on site. The platform and cameras were installed just before the eagles returned. Sound capability will be added when the 2021-22 season is complete.

What are the Eagles Names?
The eagles are named Ron and Rita after Ron Magill and his lovely wife, Rita. The human Ron is the Communications Director for ZooMiami and founded the Endowment that funds this EagleCam.

What is Rita's history?
Rita was banded as a pre-fledge juvenile on March 16, 2011, when she and her sibling fell, uninjured, from their nest in Everglades National Park. As it was a safe location, the eaglets were left on site and raised by their parents. We estimate she hatched in Jan 2011, making her 11 years old in Jan 2022.

What is Ron's History?
Ron is unbanded, but photo comparisons and his behavior lead us to believe he is the same male that partnered with Rita when they were first reported in Sept 2015.

What is their nesting history?
2015-16 season: First seen in Sept. 2015 at a different location; Rita identified by her bands. We assume the male was Ron. No data on nest success.
2016-17: Photos and video showing they fledged a youngster from that nest in Mar-Apr 2017. The tree with that nest fell down.
2017-18, 2018-19 seasons: no data
2019-20: Discovered at this new nest location in Feb 2020. They were not successful this season.
2020-21: They produced two eaglets. One perished in the fall from the nest and the other was injured with a broken wing. With permission from USFWS, the rescue took place on March 13th, 2021. The rehabilitated eagle was released on August 21, 2021.
2021-22: First egg laid Nov 24, second egg laid Nov 27, third egg laid Dec 1. We anticipate the chicks will hatch between Dec 27 and Jan 6.

Once an egg is laid, how long does it take to hatch?
33-36 days.

How long before an eaglet fledges?
10-14 weeks with an average of 12 weeks.

How can I Support these eagles and other wildlife?
To donate to Wildlife Rescue of Dade County:
on our website at
via PayPal to
via Venmo to username @Wildlife-RescueOfDadeCounty
via CashApp to $wildliferescue
To donate to the Ron Magill Conservation Endowment:
Ron Magill Conservation Endowment (
Please see the ZooMiami page for more information at this link:
Please follow us on Facebook:

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For more info and other camera views:

See more LIVE eagle cams by visiting:

Washington D.C. is the home of bald eagles Mr. President and The First Lady.
The American Eagle Foundation has partnered with the National Arboretum to bring you this bald eagle camera which streams the everyday activities of this beautiful mated pair LIVE from our nations capital.
Mr. President and The First Lady (referred to affectionately by the community as Mr. P and TFL) have made the National Arboretum their home since 2015. Since that time they have successfully fledged seven eaglets.
Sit back and relax and enjoy the the journey of this amazing pair!

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my friend, a former teacher, had great news when she found out her mare finaly gave birth this is her almost a week later.

Red Wolf
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He really wants that treat.

Pastor Roy McGarry
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Some of our animals here on Green Quill Acres Ranch last summer video to start off my channel.

Hello, I am Pastor Roy McGarry, the Official Site Pastor of . Follow my channel for scenic peaceful Northern videos, farmland animals, homesteading and Readings of His word.

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respect sea creatures and don't throw waste materials in the ocean. save mother earth and nature for the next future generation🙏💙